Wenzhou City longhui Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in injection molding machine R & D, manufacturing, sales of high-tech enterprises, and has its own foundry. The company is located in Southern China's high-end production Chinese injection molding machine concentrated in Wenzhou, bringing together a number of injection molding machine industry senior technical, production and quality management of the elite, currently concentrated in Southern China, East China, northeast and other plastic injection molding machine has more than and 20 offices and a number of overseas agency. We are committed to provide customers with efficient and stable injection molding machine and reasonable price and perfect service to customer service, continuous innovation, self perfection, faith, adhering to the "responsibility, inheritance, play" principle, adhere to the customer is responsible for the supplier responsible, responsible for the staff attitude, take responsibility in injection molding machine industry. At the beginning of the establishment, we established the direction of specialization. The unity of hard gold Dewey will create a miracle of the injection molding machine industry, and the formation of pragmatic and efficient, beyond the self enterprise culture atmosphere. Gold will continue to Dewey aggressive efforts, with our customers and grow together, side by side off.

溫州市龍輝機械制造有限公司是一家專業從事注塑機研發、制造、銷售的高科技企業,并擁有自己的鑄造車間。公司坐落于中國華南高端注塑機生產集中地——溫州,匯集了一批注塑機行業的資深技術、生產和品質管理精英,目前在華南、華東、東北等注塑機使用集中地有二十多個辦事處,以及多個海外代理處。 我們致力為客戶提供高效、穩定、價格合理的注塑機及完善的售后服務,力求持續創新,完善自我,堅持信念,秉承"責任、傳承、擔當"的原則,堅持對客戶負責、對供應商負責、對員工負責的態度,在注塑機行業上擔起應有的責任。 在創立之初,我們就確立了走專業化道路的經營方向。團結刻苦的金迪威將創造注塑機行業的一個個奇跡,并形成求真務實高效、超越自我的企業文化氛圍。進取的金迪威必將以不斷的付出與努力,與廣大客戶共同成長,并肩騰飛。